AI and The Indie Romance Book World

If you can’t be bothered to actually write it, why should I be bothered to pay for it and read it?

EJ, Stacy, and Amy have more bookish thoughts on their noggins, and this is a HEFTY ONE. No, we’re not turning into a tech podcast, but there is no denying AI is here, and it is a part of our world. We’re talking about a lot of different topics that are developing and diving into the technological, economic, ethical, and legal sides of AI and how it pertains to the indie romance world.

Many currently available AI tools are not great, but you may be surprised to learn why we think so.

Links to some of the many random things we mention:

Podcast Scavenger Hunt

  1. Our “Friend,” US Intellectual Property Law
  2. Tiffany Robert’s Infinite City Series
  3. US Copyright doesn’t care your AI gen “work” got pirated
  4. The Role of CEOs in Publicly Traded Companies
  5. Stuff we like about AI!
  6. An Actual Definition of Late-Stage Capitalism
  7. What makes Cyberpunk not just Sci-Fi?
  8. The Legalities of Fanfiction
  9. How Using AI is Like the Cinnamon Challenge
  10. Cut. Empathy. Out.
  11. A Tangent About the Predator Franchise
  12. Comparing Disney to Ruby Dixon
  13. Shoutout to Finley Fenn’s Discord Server
  14. The Broken Earth series by S. J. Sanders
  15. What is Quantum Computing?
  16. Shooting Phones and Helping Gaming Devs