Yuled by the Orcs

“He is my gift to you, this Yule’s Eve. Shall you accept him from me?”

The winter holidays are BACK with EJ, Amy, and Stacy fawning over Yuled by the Orcs. Like Offered by the Orc, this is another free book by Finley Fenn in the Orc Sworn series. Yet, this novelette is such a gift for Orc Sworn fans. This episode celebrates getting older and continuing to learn about who you are.

Edit as of 2023 March 5: Since we recorded this originally in January 2023, Yuled’s free run has expired and moved to Finley’s robust Patreon page, which you can find here. (Our hosts are all on Finley Fenn’s Patreon and we highly recommend it. 😁) You, our listeners, though can also access this link that Finley generously provided us!

Stuff we talk about includes…

Be sure, too, to check out more awesome stuff by our dear Finley! Visit her website here: https://finleyfenn.com

The music is called “Undead Bride” by Pagefire https://soundcloud.com/nerdymetalhead202/undead-bride